New Zealand - It's been a while

Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo NZ

We've been back in Australia for a month now.  In the meantime we've also been up to Gladstone, QLD for a week.  A 3 hour drive and 2 flights both ways.  Not to sound ungrateful but, oh my am I thrilled to be on the ground and not going anywhere for a while.  They've been great trips but... I don't travel so well.  At all.

I'm still sorting through pictures from New Zealand, Jes & Ko's wedding and Gladstone.  I'll get there. And I'll share them when and as I do.

P.S. October?! Really?!!!

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  1. oh what a beautiful scene! Gosh you have been a traveller! looking forward to hearing about those travels x


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