New Zealand - My brain is still there

Some round boulders on the East Coast of NZ.  We stopped to check it out after seeing a sign but can't remember the names.  There were heaps of these super round boulders of all sizes. A little odd but lovely.

It's amazing how much life takes over when you step through your front door after a holiday.  I've, insanely, decided that in the 1 week we have before leaving again that I should paint my hallway.  My very, very, long hallway.  Why? Because my parents are coming? Because it's filthy? Because I'm crazy?  Anyway, it took my 5 hours just to cut in everything.  Stupid fiddly doorways.  At least rolling won't take long.  But then there's the second coat...

Also I have to work still, go to Tafe (where I need to present one assignment and make a sign language 'announcement' for assessment), buy some shorts and a few other warm weather things (last summer I was a fatty and now nothing fits me. How nice! But not too many in case I lose more...!), prepare Girls of Grace, keep my house in order, organise a few gifts for birthday peoples... I don't really want to think of the rest.  I'll just do what I can as I can.

In the meantime, while it's raining here and the street lights are curiously still on at 10 am (does stuff like that weird anyone else out?? I mean, why are they on? They shouldn't be. Does someone know about it? Should I call someone and let them know??)  I'm going to put my washing in the dryer and follow the wisdom that if it's too wet to hang washing outside it's too wet to paint walls.

And that leaves me plenty of time to do some of the rest... If only I can get my brain back from holidays as well as my body.


  1. I've loved seeing your trip photos Rachel! Where are you off to now!? I hope you get all the things you need to get done and that it's not too stressful! :) xx

  2. You are a woman of many talents Rach!

    Yay for shorts not fitting!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the facebook inbox recipe! So going to try that. It was most appreciated. B xx


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