It's the Night before Advent

and I'm putting up my Christmas decorations!

Joel and Daniel (my brother in law) have hung lights around the outside of our house and in the tree by the front door.

Our tree is up and being decorated.  The nativity scene has been arranged.  Christmas music is playing.  And we've finished decorating the church for our advent services beginning tomorrow.  We are visually prepared or preparing.

But what about our hearts? 
What preparation are we doing spiritually for the celebration of the birth of Our Saviour?

Last month for Girls of Grace I led the women (youngest being 11!) in a Bible study on Mary the Mother of Jesus.  I learnt so much, was challenged so much and grew so much in writing this study and had such a wonderful time sharing the study with the women in our group that I thought some of you might like to join me in the lead up to Christmas in studying her too.  We can join her in her preparation for the arrival of her Son.

The plan:  Every Wednesday from this coming Wednesday until the one before Christmas day I will post a section of the Bible Study on Mary.

If you'd like to participate all you need to do is grab your Bible, read the texts, my comments and think about the questions.  If you'd like to leave a note about your thoughts, answers, challenges or questions just leave a comment like usual.  Or you can email me if you'd like a less public response.  Or you can keep it to yourself too.

For now, if you'd like to just leave your name so I can see if there is any interest that would be super.

I hope you join me as I work towards preparing my heart as well as my home this Christmas.

And yes, you can listen to carols while we work through the study! 

{P.S. big, big thank you for your love, congratulations and joy at our news! You're wonderful.  And I'm excited about sharing my journey with you all. xx}


  1. Hi Rach - yes I'll be reading! Thanks for putting this on your blog. Shae

  2. Hi Rach- sounds awesome. I look forward to sharing your study. Shelley W

  3. Yes please. Would love to read your study. Nana Rose-to-be

  4. Fantastic!! I'll join in :)

  5. Rachel-I will be delighted to walk with you this advent. Thanks for sharing this study. Stillgrowing

  6. I'd love to join in. Chelsea

  7. Looking forward to this! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. by the way...yes xx very excited to join in :)


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