New Zealand - Things you can & can't bring back

You can't bring back:
  • the delicious food
  • the clean air
  • the magnificent views
  • or any nice rocks you found
You can bring back:
  • your photos
  • organic hand cream
  • the peace you found
  • and the baby you made
Yep.  It sure is a relaxing place!

We've announced out exciting news to just about everyone we can think of (minus a few people who don't answer their phones!!) so now I'm sharing it with the world.  That flat belly is already gone.  Sad but happy.

Very happy.  Very blessed.

Onwards with the journey...


  1. Congratulations!!! That is such fabulous news. Woo-hoo! Exciting :)

  2. Baby niece!!!!! (my guess) Oh, I feel like I could explode with happiness for you. Love you so much little 'niece'. Can't wait to meet you!!! Love aunty Jes.

  3. Once again...we love you and we are so happy for you! Congratulations x x beautiful photo by the way! Would love a photo of your little baby bump soon :)

  4. Hooray! So wonderful. Already your baby is a traveller!
    -- Bec K

  5. So wonderful. And this is just the very start. Enjoy it all!

  6. What - that old news again! We pray for you every day, all my friends are so excited, especially seeing as Dad announced it in church! And I miss you so much, we love you - Mum

  7. :) Horraaaaay! I like how you just slipped that in there! xx Praying for you guys! xx

  8. :) wish i had answered my phone sooner!!! had tears when i was talking to u.. so excited. Praise God! luv A, L & I xoxo

  9. That's FANTASTIC! COngratulations!

    Effie (rebecca's sister)

  10. I read this and it made me tear up! Best News!

  11. What a lovely way to share your news with the world!! Now I can tell people too!!!!! So excited for you!!!! Chat soon! love T xoxo

  12. Congratulations!!!
    Love Julie, Matthias and Zoe xoxoxo

  13. Hey beautiful girl! I'm just reading through your past blogs ... and although I already knew this news I still got goosebumps when I read it again. So subtle and oh so cute ... just casually slipping it onto the end of a list like that! And GORGEOUS photo - how stunning are you - serious WOW! So happy for you, and lovely to actually 'see' you again, albeit in a photo!! xxShae

  14. Congratulations Rachel and Joel. What lovely news. Very happy for you.


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