2 free halves make a whole lot of happy

This First Half:

As was walking away from the checkout the other day after buying my fruit and vegetables The check out chick calls after me while holding up half a watermelon in a plastic bag,

"Excuse me!  Is this yours?"

Now, I know I've bought half a watermelon so I do a quick check in my backs and don't see it  and think that she must've packed it in plastic (despite my large collection of green bags) because, as we all know, watermelons leak.  So I lean back and say,

"Oh yes.  I think it is is.  Thank you!"

And feel very glad that I hadn't paid for half a watermelon and left it at the store.

Until I get home and discovered the half I actually paid for is in the bottom of one of my bags.  Oops....

I figure that since it's a 15-20 minute drive to where I bought it from and it only cost a few dollars and the girl handed it to me (I mean really, she should be in charge of her own check out right?) that I'd just eat it and feel a bit sorry for the person who discovered the where down half a watermelon instead of plus one when they got home.

And it was delicious.

The Second Half:

My belly has outgrown all but 2 skirts, my tights (and that's pushing it) and some pretty daggy shorts.  I have a few dresses that will last me a while yet but I am in desperate need of a few more items.  So this week I decided to make a few skirts with wide stretchy waist bands.

A lovely trip to the fabric store got me some cotton jersey for a maxi skirt, some stretch knit for holding skirts onto my belly and 2 lovely cotton prints for knee length skirts.   I also bought some christmas fabric because I'm making christmas pyjama's for Joel and I.  Truly.

The loveliest of the cotton fabric was also the most expensive.  Being true to for I don't have or plan on getting patterns for these skirts so I was standing there holding the fabric up to myself guessing how much I'd need.  I figured somewhere between 1 and 1.5 metres.  So that's what I bought.

At home I dutifully washed the fabric and then, as I was hanging it out I noticed that the expensive fabric seemed a bit wider than the cheaper fabric... I measured it and, yes, she's cut me 2 metres instead of 1.5.  With a little frown at having to pay more than I'd wanted I went to check my receipt.  And low and behold she only charged me for 1.5 metres of the fabric even though she cut 2.

Again I thought... Do I take it back??  Maybe I should.... I didn't. I'm naughty.  What would they do? Cut of half a metre? That seems kind of daft.  I paid for what I asked for so I figure...

Another free half for me!

Happy girl this week.

{would you have take your halves back?}


  1. that's very cool! And even better that the watermelon was delicious!...so if your belly is growing will we get a look at it soon...;) xx

  2. I would pay for the halves next time I was in the shop :) It gets an amazing response from the people you pay- they are haardly ever sure of what to do- honesty is so very rare these days!

  3. Often in fabric stores that is the case, they will cut more than you ask, but only charge you for what you ordered - to account for someone who may have miscut the fabric diagonally. I would not query that, as for the watermelon, if it was a small indy grocer or fruitshop I'd totally own up the next time I was in there, as for a large supermarket chain, possibly not, double standards, moral dilemmas... merry happy Christmas!


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