2012 and some stuff I plan to do

I'm not so big on the goal making.  And I'm really not big on the public stating of the few goals I do make.  Like when I made a deal with Joel that if I lost 10 kilograms I could buy any camera I want... I didn't make it public knowledge because I was sure I'd fail and didn't want to spread that over the internet.  Turns out I lost 17 kilograms in 10 months and now I'm waiting for Nikon to release the camera I want.  Come on Nikon!  

We also decided that 2011 would be the year of 'Trying & Doing Things' in case 2012 was the year of The Baby.  We might be prophets...  So we enrolled in Tafe, I bought a motorbike helmut and went riding, we had canoe lessons, went to New Zealand, had our floors polished, painted heaps of walls and other things that we wanted to do while it's just the 2 of us.  I din't tell you about that 'goal' either.  But we did it and I'm proud of us.  

So this isn't one of the thousands of New Years resolutions posts you can read all over the internet at the moment.  It's just some things I've been thinking about and thought I'd share in case anyone else is thinking the same things and, like me, could do with a bit of spurring on and encouragement.

1.            Gain weight happily.  Yeah.  I know.  Didn't I spend last year working on losing weight? Am I mad?  But the goal isn't so much to gain the weight, because that's happening all on it's own, but to allow it happen joyfully and gracefully. Pregnancy is something that hasn't come easily so I don't want to whine about it and feel resentful that after months of hard work getting to a size 10 and a flat belly I am all belly again and none of the new clothes I bought for my skinny butt fit.  I will get back there but for now the goal is to rejoice in the weight and shape because it means there's a baby being grown and a lot of prayers being answered.
2.            Take more photos.  I love it, I'm good at it and after the 2010 365 project we completed I became somewhat resentful of my fabulous camera and lenses and refused to take pictures.  This year I will take more, be more courageous about taking them and enjoy the gift of skills and tools. 
3.            Try more recipes.  Lentils - become my friends.  I want to discover more recipes that I can add to my 'make without thinking' list that don't include meat or dairy.  I've made a start but think I'd like to try at least one new one a week.  Ooohh.. that sounds like a goal!  Might even share the recipes with you.  Ok? Accountability??
4.            Not be lazy.  I mean... I have stuff I want/need to do before our baby arrives (and after!) and I want to enjoy any rest time I have but I can't really do that if things are hanging over my head and I'm just fluffing around on Facebook and Pinterest.  So I need to be somewhat disciplined and work some part of each day.  Especially so poor Joel doesn't come home from working and find the house is still a disaster and all I have to say for myself is 'look what I pinned today!'  
5.            Be prepared.  Try very, very, very hard to limit last minute anything - birthday gift shopping/posting, meal preparation, baby stuff, projects I'm working on, cleaning... whatever.  Rushing doesn't suit me so I'm going to try and not.  Good plan I think.
6.            Have no fear.  In 2012 I am turning 30 and having a baby.  Not really scary things but sort of big things none the less and I want to greet them, and other new things, with excitement, anticipation, joy and an overwhelming sense of being blessed instead of fear, caution, anxiety and stress.  Because that's not the spirit I've been given.
That was it.  For now.  What things have you been thinking about for 2012?


  1. I will be turning 30 also! Though single and definitely NOT with child. =) But I'm finishing up some writing projects and want to try to be published (which goes along with your "not be lazy").

    BTW I found your blog hitting "next blog". Liked it and am following, so please keep blogging!

  2. I read this but then didn't comment!
    I seriously thought about doing 366 this year! I hope you do well with these goals Rachel!

  3. Good luck with it all :)
    I'm vegetarian and every so often I post some recipes on my blog if you're looking for meat free fare.

    ... and don't take the being not being lazy goal too seriously - afterall - you're growing a baby so theoretically ever second of every minute of every hour of every day you are doing something really really really important and quite tricky when you think about it!


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