Baby, Baby

Dearest Baby,

Oh yes!  We saw you for the second time ever today.  But it felt like the first since last time you were just a blobby blob with a heartbeat.

You are incredible.  Perfect.  We saw you practice your sucking, give a salute, wiggle, wiggle and wiggle.  The Dr says you will have your daddy's chin and already have his super long legs.  She also said that there wasn't a single thing out of place.  Really she just agreed with us that you are a perfect little miracle.

Now you just need to do some more baking, get nice and strong and get ready to meet us in a few months time.

We love you darling.

Your Mama always.


  1. Oh I think I see a cute little nose! Very precious indeed! xx

  2. Hello little person! Can't wait to see pictures of you that aren't black and white. May God grow you up to be healthy and strong.

  3. Our grandbaby is so cute! Dad wants me to say silly things -you can guess! That is a sure sign of great excitement. We love you grandbaby - and your Mum too. love Nannie A

  4. How exciting. Delightfully so.

  5. Dear Rach and Joel, we are very excited about our new grandchild. I have put the picture into the p/pt this Sunday where we read Psalm 139. Love DAD.

  6. Daddy! That's cute. I think Joel's doing the same!

    Thanks everyone! xx


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