Baby Belly - the half way mark

That's glamour.  Right there.  Only the make up that is left at the end of a long day of not having worn much anyway.  Leggings.  Shirt bought 2 sizes too big so I can wear it until the bitter end.  Or not.  Hair the day before a hair cut.  Glamour.  And you can't even see that my leggings are rolled up at the bottom.  Why did I think it was a good idea to take a photo on this day?!

Whatever.  Just keeping it real around here.  This is how I look most days in the middle of my pregnancy.  Casual and oh so comfy.

It's all going really well, in case you were wondering.  Sleeping a fair bit but not as much as the first trimester.  Only feel slightly queasy if I'm super hungry.  But that doesn't happen much since I just eat all day.  Had a big growth spurt about 2-3 weeks ago that hurt.  And my digestion sometimes gives me grief but not overly so.  I haven't put on an unreasonable amount of weight.  Possibly because we still walk for 50 minutes most days.  And am loving all the wiggles I can feel.  Anything else you wanted to know?  No cankles.  Yet! Just the slightly puffer face....  (every now and then I check out some photos of me from 2 years ago and think 'holly moly I was a fatty!' then do a quick fast forward to photos of me in the months before getting pregnant and think 'wow! hotness!' Not really (Well, a bit) but I am so proud of how much weight I lost and don't panic that it's all finding me again because if I can lose it once I can lose it again.  And this time the gain is really that - gain!)

This trimester 2 things is pretty good.

I thought pretty hard about doing weekly photos/letters/updates or something but decided in the end that I am not nearly consistent enough to keep that up and then I'd feel bad when I didn't.  Then I thought - if I did it for my first and we are blessed with more would I do it for them too?  Probably not.  So I'm going to stick with my usual plan of attack - when I feel like it.  It will certainly be less contrived for me keeping a record of my pregnancy that way than feeling I had forced myself into something.  Besides.  I don't have enough cute things to wear.  Here endeth the odd sidetrack/rant/get that off my ample chest.  Sorry about that.

{Wow.  Just read through this and my brain is quite addled...!} 


  1. You look beautiful, Rach! Flannie and all! Looks like the baby is growing very nicely - gonna be the healthiest baby ever with all the green smoothies :) xo

  2. Hi Rach, looking good. And yes, you do sound a littled 'addled!' But I'm pretty sure that's not just the pregnancy. haha. Half way already! Wow. Love you. Jes.

  3. Hi Rach, you're looking great, I pray the rest ofyour pregnancy goes really well, such an exciting time. I have finally posted some new photos on my blog!! Love & blessings, Lyn xooxx

  4. huzzah! you look great Rach and your face is not puffy at all! xx

  5. Rachel- you are beautiful :) And I used to absolutely LOVE the wiggles I felt during my pregnancies- I think that was my favourite part actually.


  6. You look gorgeous Rach. Pregnancy makes you look very calm and serene x We must chat soon. XOXO


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