The Jock's on you.

To the Person who swapped a pair of bikini cut briefs for grandma panties in the 5 pack (of larger than normal, thanks for asking) I bought this week at Target,

You thought you'd be funny I suppose.  Tricking me into buying knickers that come half way up my middle.  Joke's on you funny girl (or guy, but I prefer not to think that might've been the case).  These Bridget Jones style underpants are the comfiest thing my every growing belly has worn today.  I might just get another pair.  Or a whole 5 pack.  And then let's see who's laughing?  Won't be you and your knickers that cut in. It'll be me.  I'll be laughing because I'll be relaxing in the biggest, most comfortable pair of hightop jocks of anyone this side of 80.

Yeah.  And my body says thanks too.

From me and my comfy butt.

P.S.  The bikini cut in the larger size are pretty comfy too.  Just so you know - everything in that mystery pack was gold.  There was no losing. Ha.


  1. He he - this one has me giggling away! Lounge away in the grandma undies, Rach. Lounge away!

  2. Just spent some time catching up! Happy for your underpants! Cute baby! Sounded like a wonderful anniversary! You sound full of JOY. That is so great.

  3. Hahahahaha!! Glad you got some comfort out of the sneaky swap!! Thanks for the giggle!! love T


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