My View

And other peoples view...

It certainly feels like everything other than my belly has ceased to exist.

But that's ok.

There's an awful lot going on in there.  Lots of wriggles, flips and pokes.  The Dr said Joel wouldn't be able to feel anything for another few weeks but he's definitely felt our little critter give him a shove or two now.  Very exciting moment that was for both of us!

We certainly know you're in there Bubby and are love to feel you move around.  Yes - I don't mind if you are the focus of all of our attention even before you take your first breath.

In fact you sort of better get used to it!  Today at Ladies Guild (I am not a regular attender but we went in November to break our news to them because they'd ask me to be a guest speaker at an Zone Rally they are hosting.  3 days after our due date!  I promised to type up their program for them as an apology and since I think the youngest lady is in her early 60's and only 2 of them have a computer!)... where was??  Oh yes, today at Ladies Guild they were putting together their yearly program.

And Baby? You're on it!  Seriously.  The program for Augusts meeting is "Bible Study and Baby".  They asked if I'd like to talk to them and I suggested I hand the baby over and come home for a sleep because what could I possibly tell these women, most of whom have grand children, some have great grandchildren, about babies?!

The joke quickly became that anytime they couldn't decide what to put on their program for a particular month after June that they would just have a Bible study and I could bring the baby over for cuddles with their church nana's.  So sweet.

Baby - you are well anticipated by many, many people dear one.

But mostly me.


  1. What a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, lovely, absolutely stunning baby belly you have there! I SO wish I could see it in person! Looks like you are doing a great job of growing baby ('cause you have so much control over the growth!! LOL). God continue to bless you, the Baby and Joel... and of course all those lovely 'nanas' in waiting! It must be a relief to know that there are obvious support systems in place for after Baby decides to make his/her way into the world!

  2. I think THIS Nana is a bit jealous! Only a little bit though - I am very glad you are surrounded by love. It's very special to have so much support. Let's hope it keeps up when he/she is 2 and chucking a tantrum in church! By the way I noticed the paint pot - you weren't climbing on chairs I hope. Love you heaps - it's a gorgeous belly! MUM

  3. Lovely! Such an exciting time. And wonderful that you have such a loving community around you. Especially those 'nanas'. Enjoy :)

  4. How awesome! Loving this blog post, Rach! Made me smile many times over xo

  5. it certainly is a beautiful belly! that is so lovely that they have offered to do that, you're definitely loved by the community! :) xx

  6. Beautiful belly pics Rach!! So exciting that you've both been able to feel Baby move! Makes it just a bit more real, doesn't it?!! That's so cute that the ladies have put Baby on their program! Sounds like you'll have no shortage of extra hands! Take care, love T xoxo


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