Morgan The Devastator

The idea was that he work out how to get the treats out from the middle.  I guess he did that.  Just with a bit more force than was really necessary.

Toy - $10
Time used - 30 minutes
Worth it? - A little bit!  

I think we'll stick with the indestructible Kong toys from now on.  Or only give him things that I don't mind him destroying.  Like empty juice bottles.  

Luckily he's super cute and only wrecks things I actually give him (forgetting the time he spread my mother in laws couch across their backyard in bite size pieces... sorry!).

Are there are other excellent non-destroyable dog toys that come recommended by dog owners? 

Clever boy!  You did get the treats out didn't you?! 


  1. Transform and combine!!! DEVASTATOR maximum power!

    Pogo you are a crazy dog.

    Great photos my love.

  2. He's exhausted poor thing! So much hard work!


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