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My body and I have never had the greatest time shopping for clothes.  Since losing weight though I had started to find some satisfaction walking into a shop and having clothes look good on me instead of having to stretch, pull and twist things so that I could hide the flabby, lumpy, unflattering bits.  It was a good feeling.  Getting dressed in the morning was a satisfying experience.

Then my belly started to expand with this baby... Boobs, not so much.  Thank heavens because let me just say, bra shopping was already an experience akin to hunting for the Golden Egg.  But thankfully I can get some pretty nice maternity bras in my size, in a store in town for a price that, while it would horrify some of you who walk into Target and buy off the rack in those wonderfully common sizes, I deem quite reasonable for the engineering feat that is required for my small frame and ample bosom.  

(wow.  Just went there didn't I?  Well, it's real life around here.)

But the Belly.  How was I going dress it?

Early on a kindly elderly lady offered me a few of her old slip dresses.  By elderly I mean the lady just became a great grandmother.  And by old slip dresses I mean... hahahaha!!! Thanks but no thanks.  Sweet thought but not going to happen no matter how hot summer got.

I knew I wanted to stick as close to my personal style as possible but how that was going to look I didn't quite know.  Especially since my summer look is 'how little can I wear while feeling decent and cool?'

One bonus of getting pregnant after losing 17kgs is that the sizes in my wardrobe range from a 10 to a 16.  And tops ranged from medium to extra large to hide the muffin top and cleavage.  So here's a list of what has and is serving me well so far:

  • Dresses.  I already had a few excellent stretchy dresses that cut in under my bra line and fell loose.  These have lasted me quite well and one particular black one by Metalicus will no doubt last until the end with cardigans or a long sleeve top underneath.  A friend has loaned me a wrap around Metalicus dress, which is gorgeous and so comfortable, and a few other actually maternity dresses that I'm yet to wear.
  • Tops.  So far the only tops I've bought have been extra long regular singlets from Target.  I bought a few white ones to lengthen out other tops and 2 others when I can only handle wearing one layer.  I have a black maternity one on loan from the same friend (TIP: get friends who've had babies and are happy to share clothes!).  The rest of my tops have been found in my own wardrobe.  Satisfyingly some of the tops that were tight when I weighed 82.5kg's are still just a bit loose on my 6 month pregnant belly.  And since most of those I'd bought for covering up they're mostly long enough already and look much cuter than some of the maternity stuff with all the loose bits and gathering.  I find I look much less like a beached whale and more like a pregnant hottie when I wear tighter fitting tops.  Just saying.  And I have comments from friends and husband to back that up!
  • Bottoms.  Summer kicks me in the guts every year so I am eternally grateful that this hasn't been a consistently hot one.  To cope with the heat we did have I whipped a up a few skirts with stretchy waistbands to add to the one stretchy maxi skirt I already owned.  I made 2 maxi skirts and one shorter one above my knees.  Completely comfortable and totally gorgeous.  (Pictures maybe one day when I can organise that)  But I also wanted some shorts and my regular shorts didn't last much after the 4th month so I busted out and bought some great black maternity shorts for $40 online.  I like my shorts to actually be short - not 3/4's or knee length.  Hey, with spindly little chicken legs like mine why not show them off a bit?  That I get way too hot in long shorts.  I think I've worn them at least twice a week every week since buying them.  A well spent $40.  For lounging around when it's bit cooler or walking in the morning I have some tights.  My non maternity ones are still comfortable if I roll the top down and wear a long t shirt but the maternity ones and track pants that have been loaned to me are fabulous for no pressure points.  Not so great for walking because, despite my belly getting bigger, my backside is still as flat as anything and nothing stays up without a tie or tight elastic.  Still - If I'm just at home those high waist bands a brilliant.  Finally in the 'bottoms' category: jeans.  I am without a doubt a jeans girl and as soon it got cool enough for a minute I went out and bought 2 pairs of maternity jeans.  I tried on quite a few and couldn't find any I liked until I hit up Jeans West (Fits Best.  For Real).  These jeans have a high stretchy waist above the denim, the denim itself is stretchy and they have those little stretchy elastic and button contraptions in the waist band to adjust for having no butt.  I am in love. I bought the 2 pairs in the picture.  And I'm telling you - these babies make my baby look good.  

That's pretty much my maternity wardrobe covered.  Of course all shoes are flat shoes but they always were.  And there's a few cardigans and jackets in there as it's starting to cool off a bit now and they don't have to do up over the Belly. 

I'm comfortable.  I happy with my outfits.  I'm so, so grateful for the few loaner pieces I've added to my collection and I still feel like me.  Pregnancy wardrobe success I feel. 

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  1. Great to hear!! I'm sure you look fantastic - and will even when you're 9 months pregnant!!!
    Today I re-discovered my FAVOURITE black maternity pants I wore heaps when I was pregnant with Zaylia (and Elias) and now that it has cooled down a bit, I think I might be living in them for the next 4 1/2 months or so!! Hope you're well! Thinking of you heaps! love T


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