Thirty years - me.  Plus 12 days.  
Thirty weeks - Baby.  Give or take some depending on who you believe! (If you're to believe the lady who served us dinner last night I'm closer to 37 weeks... hmm... thanks for that.)

To celebrate both things, me making it to 30 fairly gracefully, definitely joyfully and Baby being in existence and not long before what I might now refer to as The Take Over (or, birth of our firstborn) and just because we need little holidays while we can take them easily... we went away.  And we stayed in the most charming Stone Cottage we have ever stayed in.  

It was on a total par with the gorgeous renovated stone church we stayed in for our honeymoon until we were sitting outside in the garden by the creek (ok, it had a few points going for it that the church didn't) when an bunny, A BUNNY, came hopping up to us then just hung around!  Seriously! A tame bunny just hopping around our feet while we ate hot cross buns in the garden of our stone cottage next to the creek.  Hello fairytale.  

I snuck after that bunny and took so many photos, video'd it and got my big belly close enough to pat it.   Cuteness.  

The rest of our min-break included a tour of the Beechworth Courthouse (far more interesting than I was prepared to give it credit for), local apples, delicious pizza at the Bridge Road Brewers, sending telegrams, learning how to send my name in Morse Code, chocolate, lounging around and finishing 2 books each in 2 and a bit days, chasing a bunny around the garden, eating fair-trade organic peppermint dark chocolate, a visit to the museum to see the Tasmanian Tiger, a spa, sleep ins, chatting with random people, locally made sorbet, rolls and hot cross buns from the famous Beechworth Bakery, walking and resting and laughing and enjoying each others company.

So, so refreshing.   Happy Birthday to me! 

(P.S. remember all that blonde hair from when I was little? This is now my natural colour.  The lightest ones in there are white not blonde.)


  1. Rach you look amazing. SO happy for you that 30 has come, and only a short time left until you meet your baby! Praying that the rest goes well. xxx

  2. Looking gorgeous, Rach! Enjoy these last few weeks before The Take Over... :-)

  3. :) You look great Rach! And your little mini break sounds like it was truly delightful!

  4. Nice bump growing there! Not long at all now! Looking very good and chilled. Sounds like an amazing holiday. Just what you needed. Xoxo

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  6. Looking lovely dear Rach!! Glad you had a great birthday and no trouble turning 30!! Sounds like a much needed and well-deserved break! Chat soon, luv T


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