I have a Blog?

{Said in the voice of Prince John discovering he has a mole.  Can never watch that movie too many times.}

Yeah, I know.  Busy times.

I've been hanging out with my fantastic littlest sister and her lovely husband for the past week.  She and a lady from church threw me a truly wonderful baby shower which included hilarious and tasteful games, lots of laughter, fabulous gifts, the most delicious chocolate cake EVER (no kidding, everyone kept asking Vicky for the recipe) and so much  love my heart nearly burst.  Blessed.

Han & Adam made the 2 flight trip down here a bit over a week ago and left yesterday morning.  I cried when they left.  Sisters are the best.  Especially ones who marry men who cook gourmet pizza and do the dishes 3 times a day.   We said it at least every day but you guys are welcome anytime!  We love you!

While they were here we watched a few good movies including InTime and Robin Hood: Men n Tights on DVD and The Hunger Games at the cinema.  I'd watch them all again.  I showed them around our town, we played some games, talked a lot, rested, ate lots of good food and just generally enjoyed each others company.  That in itself is precious because the last few times we've seen each other has been for either her wedding or our other sisters wedding = very busy sisters.  And next time we see them I'll have a baby!

Oh my! That time is drawing near.  There have been quite a few purchases and a  few more to go.  We have a room that looks like a baby could live in it now instead of a junk room/art room.  It's even freshly painted courtesy of the wonderful men who were left behind on the day of my baby shower.   Husband, father in law and 2 brothers in law.  They painted the whole room including the ceiling and got an undercoat on the new bookshelf we had custom made for our lounge room.  Like I said - blessed!

Somewhere in there we had the most amazing evening of antenatal preparation with the rockstar Kerri-Ann of Births and Babes.  Our student midwife came along too and made it a party of 4.  Probably the most empowering and valuable few hours we will spend the whole pregnancy.  Call us crazy but I'm actually quite excited about labour!  I think it helps that nearly all the women I know, no matter what they're experience, are encouraging and reassuring and have totally held off on the horror stories.  Or at least put them in a good light.  Maybe it's my own frame of mind....

Which is interesting because my mind for just about everything else has gone on holidays without me.  Especially in the food department.  I think I might start advertising for a personal chef:

WANTED: personal chef to cook exactly the food I feel like eating without being told what that is.  Will work for guided tours of my Pinterest boards.

I don't think my chances are good...


  1. photos of the shower please! :)

  2. I didn't take a single one! I was too busy sitting in the 'Queen Chair' opening presents and having delicious food and drinks bought to me. I think one lady took a few though...

  3. You know, crazily enough, that job advertisement actually interests me :-) !! I always love the challenge of cooking wonderfully healthy/nourishing food for people who need it...pity we live so far apart :-( Just going to put on a pot of organic lamb stock...

  4. Hey i love baby showers we through my aunt one the other week they are such a good laugh, we didnt really take any pics either far too busyy.. anyway just though i would say hi! please also visit my blog shimmerofpink.blogspot.com from laura x


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