Blue is for Girls too.

Overheard in a store today:

"Here's a boys potty..."

Wondering what made a potty different for boys than for girls (this could be important secret mother information) I snuck a look.

It was blue.  And like every other portable potty in every other way.  Just blue.  That made it a boys one.  Apparently.

Give me a break people.

Blue is a most excellent colour and surely we are past designating it as a boys colour?

In fact it used to be the 'girls colour' .  (I'm just going to trust you to Google that yourselves like I did) 

And while we're at it - 'the girls colour' of pink doesn't appeal to me much at all.  Sure, it has value and a place and I will consent to using it in various ways. I just prefer blue.  Or green. Or yellow, orange, white, red... and a whole lot of other shades & tones that strike my fancy before pink does. 

Pink is not for girls.  Blues is not for boys.  They are colours to be used as people enjoy using them.  Just like all the other colours.  They create moods and inspire us.  They tell stories and have meanings. BUT only the ones we apply to them.  And those meanings are different the world over.  

So go forth and use whatever colours you feel like using for whatever your purpose is.  Create your own colourful world and don't let someone else tell you that blue is just for boys.
Because in this house - blue is most certainly for girls too.  


  1. This made me laugh are me - pre-kids! I hated pink too then managed to pop out three little girls who loved it (one who was obsessed by it!) and I had to slowly tolerate it and eventually love it ..well ..some pinks. So look out!

    love Mum

  2. Same here Rach...but oink now rules our house too...but sometimes I do insist (when I get the chance) that blue (especially navy) and green, and yellow, and every other colour but pink is used! But maybe you will be blessed with a child who shares your love of blue too!

  3. By the way...we have a boy potty :)

  4. totally true!
    also as something not very related I'm spreading the blog love...and giving your blog award...just cause I can! Your prize is a virtual blog hug from me :)

  5. Blue for girls, sure.
    Pink for boys, No,
    well.... NO - Xavier Klein doesn't like pink...

  6. Anna - 'oink' rules your house?! cute. We have a boy potty here too. (not THAT prepared! had for when we had a toilet training Miss staying here)
    Lauren - Sweet! thanks for the award! xx
    Xavier - I can respect that!

  7. Interesting, Fionas' girls have multi coloured clothing (purple is favoured by Fiona) but their choice is predominantly pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go figure, they are gorgeous of course, not that I would be biased in any way!
    Much love, Lyn xooxx


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