Afternoon Tea Party

Today, to say thank you to the lady who hosted my baby shower, I hosted a little tea party.  We drank hot chocolates and coffee instead of tea but she, her daughter and I had a lovely time regardless of breaking the 'rules'.

I made my favourite gluten free chocolate cake into cupcakes with lemon icing.  And because baking just that much nearly exhausted me I served a few other easy things: crackers and dips, chocolate kisses and Red D'Anjou pear.  It was more than enough for the 3 of us (and dear Joel who earned his place at the women's table by coming home from work to make the coffees and hot chocolate with his fancy machine).

I showed off the baby's room, caught up on their news and had a lovely afternoon relaxing in wonderful company.

Henry James was right - there really are few hours more agreeable than the hour dedicated to afternoon tea.

This table is made up of things from my family:
        ~ Table cloth, glass plate and white/floral gold rimmed tea cup and saucers from my Nana (the tea cup the spoons are in)
        ~ Cake stand from my Grandma
        ~ Flowers from a plant my mum gave me
        ~ Cutlery and Gold rimmed tea cup and saucers from my mother in law
        ~ Glass parfait bowls (holding dip) from my 'brother' Adrian
        ~ Napkins made by me.
        ~ and the actual table was made by Joel! 


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