My First Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to our wonderful Mum's!  We love you both very much.  And I'm very sorry that I got your presents switched around and sent you the wrong ones... What can I say? Pregnant brain.  Sorry!

And Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful mum friends.  You are inspiring, encouraging and a joy to share this journey with.  Even if your littles are too small to make you a fancy dinner or do anything extra special for you today know that I think you're amazing. 

And Happy Mother's Day to me! I can't believe I can finally celebrate this day from the other side.  Sure, the baby isn't out yet but she/he is in there and that makes me a mum already.  Plus, I have a fluffy puppy who think I'm his mum anyway! 

Joel is blessing me with a day when I don't have to think about food at all but get to eat yummy things.  He's using my gift of a slow cooker to make lamb roast!  He also cut me the most giant bunch of pink chrysanthemums from our garden and wrote me a beautiful card.  

Feeling so blessed today.  Wonderful mum's, amazing friends, the best husband and a baby on the way.  I hope you are feeling the love today too. 

Picture's taken after church in front of our new bookshelf. 


  1. :) AHHHHHH look at that beautiful belly! Happy 1st mothers day!

  2. Sweet. You're beautiful. Happy mother's day!

  3. You're looking simply gorgeous Rachel! Can't wait to hear all about you meeting your baby, and don't worry about feeling Zen about labour, it is so totally all worth it (says the lady who as recently as 11 weeks ago had the c-sec to remove the nearly 12 pound baby!). Being a mum is the best!

  4. Awww, glad you had a happy first Mothers' Day!! Beautiful pics. :)

  5. Rach, you look totally amazing! Must not be long now until your beautiful baby is ready to meet the world. Lots of blessings and prayers for the rest of the journey. xx
    PS I am avoiding thinking about Labour at this stage 7 weeks left today!

  6. Happy Mother's Day!! You look fabulous :-) (Bookshelf looks great too - jealous!!)


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