A Bit of Sunshine

Today we went for our first walk as family of 4.  It was a bit slow but the last day of autumn turned on the weather for us and pushing our little girl along in the sunshine after days inside was glorious.


  1. GO YOU!!!!

    Looks beautiful. So do you. Look at you taking parenthood in your stride. Literally. So, so happy for you. xo


    PS. MORE ELEANORA PICS! I wouldn't usually push a new mama...but since you're posting anyway ;) !

  2. Your first outing as a yummy mummy! You look fabulous.
    (Thought I was pushing it when I checked again tonight to see if you had another post up yet - was so excited to see this picture!)

  3. Yay! Out and about!
    Hope Morgan's getting used to his sister and her stroller :) xo

  4. I really thought Morgan was bigger than this! But he's not! What a sweet size he is. What a lovely activity to do on a nice day, I'm sure the vitamin D did wonders for your souls...probably Morgan's the most.

    1. I reckon i thought Morgan was bigger too he's a little cutie! Looks like you're getting into the swing of things Rach :)

    2. And timothy equals lauren :) i'm on his phobe

    3. Ah phone rather time i went to bed


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