Eleanora Naomi

Born at 3:27 am on Sunday the 27th of May 2012.
Our lives will forever be more wonderful.

2 hours old.
1 day old.
Perfect hearing.  Just like the rest of her.
Sweet feet.
Not overly impressed with the reason for needing to do this but it's temporary and Joel is pretty chuffed at being able to help with the feeding.


  1. She looks so serene in that hearing test picture - like she's not a bit bothered! But seriously, adorable. Congrats!

  2. Absolutely perfect. Our God is a very very clever and wonderful creator. Beautiful photos too :)

  3. Congratulations!!! ... and welcome to the world Eleanora.
    Take care.

  4. Wow...you blogged. You've now just proven yourself to be more amazing :-) you look beautiful in your first photo. Eleanora is just perfect, as you said. So happy for you guys. Luke and I keep saying it to each other x miss you & much love x always here for a chat Rach. I know how tiring and busy life gets but if you want I'm always here. X

  5. So incredibly sweet!! Love the name too. What a beautiful little girl. Well done, you guys!

  6. I've been stalking your blog waiting for some precious shots! :) just lovely xx

  7. Oh my goodness....isn't she DIVINE. Look at those cheeks! Look at YOU! You look so at peace. And Joel looks like he's loving it. So, so very happy for you. Welcome to the world, Ellie. ;)

    xox Ellie xox

    PS. So glad you blogged...been dying for a pic!!! Now, go and blog no more! Sleep well, Rach.

  8. Bless you, bless you, bless you.


  9. Adore the hearing test photo - looks very comfortable with headphones on. She might just have a radio presenter's voice too haha.
    Loving the pics, thanks for sharing them :D

  10. Rachel she is amazing! Just perfect! Congratulations to you and Joel, and every rich blessing upon your household and new little family. Love B


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