Baby and her quilt

So much sweetness.

I made this quilt only 2 weeks before Eleanora was born out of scraps from other projects.  I could barely fit up to the sewing machine with my gigantic belly but I felt compelled to make my baby a multipurpose quilt.  It's just about cot size and I use it for laying her on the floor, keeping my knees warm at 4am and will probably use it for many other purposes too.  And just so I don't worry too much about what I'm putting it on the backing is dark grey drill  - heavy duty and dirt hiding.

Also - how insanely cute is this knitted top!!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt. Lovely. The colours are so calming.

    ... and your baby girl - perfection!

  2. Beautiful quilt Rach! I am sure it will be well used and well loved.


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