The Best Time of Day

Putting her down is so very, very hard.


  1. Watching your baby sleep is one of the best things ever!

  2. when I had time in my life--aka--when my first was still little and we only had one baby--I remember napping with her on the couch--the most wonderful thing ever--and wanting to hold her always! Your little Eleanora is absolutely beautiful! WHat a joy! My little boy (baby #4) has a good 12-13 weeks left in the oven and I just can't wait to hold him. Congratulations!!

  3. And why should you - you only get to snuggle like this for such a short time.. One day she'll say " I CAN DO IT!" or "I'm a big girl now" soak up every precious moment. It's a wonderful blessing that you can.
    love you both my beautiful girls.


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