Cloth Nappies

We're busting out my second hand Peapods Cloth Nappy stash around here this week.  At this stage we're using them in the day at home and sticking with the disposables for night and going out.  It's taking a little getting used to but it feels good not to be filling up that rubbish bin quite as fast.  On the down side her little pants struggle to get over that big nappy bottom.  Time for a bit of a wardrobe upgrade to keep up.

In largely unrelated news - I'm still deciding on which camera to upgrade to but something that is smoother at higher ISO is a definite must.  All that grain I get at only 400 with my Nikon D60 breaks my heart.  It's kind of gloomy a lot around here right now and I'm not getting the photos I want because of the poor ISO performance.  I think I'll add 'make a decision about my new camera to my 31 before 31 list.


  1. I think Eleanora likes her new nappiesa :-)

  2. I think she does too! I certainly feel good about them.


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