Under Love

Before Eleanora was born I had a few ideas that had come together from bits of inspiration from around the internet and friends.  The first of these was a blessing banner.  At my baby shower we asked each person attending to sign a little flag to be made into bunting to hang in my baby's room so that she can see how many people came to celebrate her before she was even born.  I haven't officially made it into bunting yet but it's hanging above her cot looking lovely and colourful and reminding me of just some of the many women who love and support us. 

One of the other ideas I was hoping to do was a prayer quilt.  We invited many of our friends and family from around the world who have been praying for us, some for many years, to send a square of fabric to be made into a quilt for this precious babe to keep forever and know how loved she has been and will be and that she is always covered in prayer.  I admit that the OCD designer in me was a little nervous asking so many people with different tastes in fabric to me to contribute to such a large and important piece but my super clever mum worked her magic and made all the vastly different fabrics come together to look amazing.  There's a lesson in that for sure. 

She included a little label on the back that reads:

Dear Eleanora, 
This quilt was made for you on behalf of those who love you, 
by your Nannie Annie.

We sure feel loved and what better way to go to sleep each night than under love.

The Prayer Quilt top & back:


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks amazing. What a special treasure for her to keep for always. Anisia

    1. Thanks Anisia! I'm thrilled with it. And thank you for contributing such gorgeous fabric too. Very special. X

  2. Wow, it looks amazing! Did I do that !!? I really like the back too. Looks so much better spread out on the bed. Funny thing - I was going to ask if you could take a photo of it - I forgot. Wont it be exciting when Eleanora gets old enough to hear the quilt story. Mum

  3. WOW what a clever Nannie Eleanora has! This is so beautiful!
    I think I spotted the piece I sent ;)

  4. Wow! What a clever Mum you have - now I see where all of your creative talents come from! I loved the idea of the quilt and it the end result is just beautiful! Shae


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