Fourth Months Old Today

She's taking a huge interest in food already and so far has tried and loved cucumber, apple, watermelon, pear, apple and banana.  I just give her big pieces to suck on at this stage and she can't get enough of it. I'm loving watching her discover food but also feel a little sad that it wont be long until I'm not her sole source of nourishment anymore.  Oh well, I guess the job of a parent is to do themselves out of a job.  

At four months she's still not keen on rolling over and only enjoys being on her tummy for short bursts. But sit her up like a big girl or hold her standing and she's thrilled.  I'm excited to be getting her high chair tomorrow so she can be involved a bit more.

I'm pleased to say she's sleeping really well at night and has even improved her day sleeps.  

She's been on her first 2 road trips in the past week and a half : to Melbourne and to Canberra.  That's also meant her first stay in a hotel and her first stay in a bed and breakfast.  We're so pleased with how adaptable she is at the m omen - happy to go anywhere as long as she can get changed, fed and have a stretch every now and then. 

As for me, at the four month mark of being 'mum' - I'm really starting to feel the swing of things and genuinely enjoy it without feeling so overwhelmed as I did in the early days.  The whole life style of being a mum is one that is, so far, suiting me very well.  That and I have the most adorable little girl to keep me company and a husband who is a wonderful support and fabulous father.

Happy 4 month birthday precious girl.  Life is wonderful with you! xx

(even when there are tears!)

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