Under the Covers

I'm trying very hard to shift my thinking and learn that there are things far more important than getting the chores done.  And most of those things are far more fun too.  Like playing under the covers of the bed instead of taking them off to be washed.  The laundry will wait.  But this exact moment won't. 


  1. Great shots Rach! Who needs clean sheets anyway!

    1. Thanks Adam! You need clean sheets when said cute baby chucks on them. :/

  2. As if you want to do washing with that cute babe hanging around :)

  3. Eleanora...you are so kissable. And your mummy always does such a beautiful job taking photographs of you. I love seeing how beautiful you are growing and the tiny little lady you are. God has wonderful things in store for your life and I am so glad I get to be a part of it!

  4. beautiful photos Rach, yes, life is to short to miss these precious moments, enjoy :-)


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