Things about my body that are Ick.

Veins. Ick.
That muscle that pokes out on the back of your knee. Or whatever it is. Ick.
Cleavage perspiration. Double Ick.
Itchy scalp. Ick.
Dry skin.  On any part. Ick.
Wrists. Ick.
Ditto to the inside of elbows.
Sweat.  Ick, ick, ick.

Can I repeat point 3?  Triple ick.

Heat waves.  Ick.  They make me a little crazy.  I have strange(r) dreams and think weird stuff.

This list was bought you by our current heat wave and the letter 'I'.  For Ick.


  1. Hi Rach,

    We made it through 44 last Tuesday.

    Lots of ick that day.


  2. :0 How glad do you think I felt after seeing all the updates on facebook about the 44 in Adelaide yesterday and we were on the coast! enjoy a lot of ice-blocks and sit in a cold bath for a while xx


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