I love it when she..

  • sleeps 12 hours straight 
  • makes a noise like a telephone then puts her hand up to her ear and says 'hi'
  • gets a bowl and spoon out of her drawer, closes the drawer then feeds her self
  • signs to make herself understood
  • signs for for Morgan first thing in the morning. 
  • plays happily by herself
  • points to her belly button when you ask her where it is
  • same thing with her eyes
  • also points to eyes in books and says what they are
  • sucks her thumb and snuggles her lovie at sleep time
  • chases Morgan around squealing
  • climbs onto and off of the couch by herself
  • 'reads' to her self
  • follows instructions
  • dances to everything that has a beat.  even the coffee machine
  • gets so excited about her dada coming home
  •               as q a a
  • helps me type !
  • shows me her little imagination developing
  • finds her favourite books, carries them to me and crawls into my lap so I can read to her
  • laughs
  • smiles
  • sings
  • calls me mama

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  1. Truly children are a delight! I love your list! I love, love, love your pictures.


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