We have been in our new house for 2 months now and feeling all very settled.  Except for the sleep situation.  Naps only happen in the car or the pram but are sorely needed.  And bed time... she goes into her bed ok but we have to sit with her for about an hour before we can creep out.  Sometimes longer.  And quite often she'll be in bed but talking.  Our quiet whispers are working though because tonight she whispered across the dark room, "Mama? I'm very safe." 

She sleeps for a while and then... she comes to find us. Sometimes we can resettle her in her own bed.    Sometimes there's lots of crying.  Sometimes she just wants to be held.  Sometimes that lasts for a few hours.  And sometimes she goes back to sleep quickly.  But every single night since we've been here, expect one, she has crawled into bed with us at some point and stayed there until morning. 

We have decided not to push her too much.  She seems to be struggling with some separation anxiety and we fully understand that given we have just moved across the country.  I know she won't sleep with us forever so I'm telling myself that we are doing what is best for our situation and for our sweetheart right now.  At the same time I feel like I'm doing the "wrong thing", I kind of love having her in with us and I'm going to miss her when she decides she's safe enough and brave enough to sleep in her own bed all night.  

Nothing lasts forever.  And that's both an enormous relief and a cause for grief.  Bittersweet - the mother's way. 

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  1. little loves! I am glad you can find some joy in the closeness, being needed and loved. despite the annoying expectations we place on ourselves. and the lack of sleep. love you Rach. Jes.


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