3 months

And all of a sudden we've lived in this house for 3 months already.  We are settling in well and finding our feet in this part of the world.  We've also had every type of illness you can fit into three months.  As my sister in law says - we are installing a new city's immunity.  Today's episode included  our little one getting a temperature and being very, very off colour and sad.  I think it's related to the enormous welts she's getting from the bird sized mosquitoes.  Poor muppet.

She's enjoying her one day a week at childcare and comes home singing a hundred new songs.  Then, she sings non stop anyway so new material is good!  

Joel is fitting in really well with his new role and well loved and thriving already.

I am doing the mother thing and all that entails.  I have a few things on the back burner that give me something a bit different to think about which is nice but mostly just cruising and trying not to have too many panic attacks per week.  Because that sucks the life and joy out of our house pretty quick. 

And just because.. here are a few pictures of the ever entertaining Eleanora. 


  1. That girl is amazing! Love the photo of her pulling a face :)
    Hugs from Aunty Rae xx

    1. She's a total cracker of a kid! Loves an audience! Hope it's not too long before real hugs! xx

  2. She is such a cutie!! Glad she can provide some entertainment to help relieve the stressful and anxious bits of life! Lots of love, Tamara xo


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