The big sleep

Normally I get up at 6am. Today - 10am. What bliss and luxury! I've been a bit sick but still going to work and doing my thing. Today though i was blessed with a whole day off. Usually I have friday's off so a thursday was novel and somewhat exciting. My big plans were as follows - Go to the gym (didn't do it - bad Rachel!), sort out my craft paper into folders (half did it), do two loads of washing (put one it 11am and forgot about it until 5pm! this is not like me at all - really!), some banking (did it- at last!) and visit the library (didn't do -I found another book lying around that i wanted to read!). I know, doesn't that just sound so strenuous?!

The absolute highlight of my day though was a spontaneous meeting and consequent cup of hot chocolate accompanied by brilliant and loving conversation with one of my dearest friends - Thank you Adi. You are much loved.

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  1. Yay for days off and the opportunity to sleep in. The Chai and chat was the highlight of my otherwise regular study day. Time with friends is always gold and you are finest jewel in the crown Rach. We shall have to arrange a C n' C rendezvuos again some time. Thank you beloved sis.


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