Shocking News

Yesterday - I could say today and pretned like this is breaking news, but it's not, so I wont. Besides, I'd get my tenses mixed up and you'd know i was telling stories. So - Yesterday:

There was something in the air. Something in the currents of air that flow around my office. Or maybe it was in the carpet under my desk...?! Where ever it was and for what ever reason yesterday was the day of the BIG SHOCK. I would calmly get up from desk to leave the room and as i touched the door handle - ZAP! There's no other word to do it justice. E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E T.I.M.E I went to open the door I got an electric shock. Way to make a girl feel free to leave her work environs! It wasn't just me though. Karl would get zapped too. And here's the thing... He (Karl) was leaving to go, probably heard the plaintive cry of a P.E. class longing for a youth intern to stir them up, and thought he'd let me know he was going. I, naturally, was listening to Barry White with my headphones on (don't like to share Barry with the whole office!) so to get my attention Karl tapped, nay, ZAPPED! my shoulder into oblivion. The pain went across my shoulders and down my arm into my elbow. Barry was abandoned so I could fully focus on staying on my chair. Karl - you are a dark skinned young man but you went red! We laughed so hard I thought one of us would die - we didn't mum, we're ok! Why is pain so funny when it's not fatal? Why is someonelses pain even funnier? Why were you laughing at me?!!!!!

And today? Not a single zap all day? Although I am about to leave and you never know....

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