Munchy Pigs

It's not everyday that you share your back yard with guinea pigs... Well, not when you live as close to the city as we do... and when you don't own any... and when you don't even have grass!

These two belong to our neighbours who let them go free range during the day. It's made a bit easier by the fact that we all share a common back yard outside of our private courtyards. Apperantly they are always home by dark. They have been fighting a bit lately as their boss, a bunny named Peter, had to be put down due to health reasons and now they are try to ascertain who will be the new boss. I thought it would be obvious since Nugget, the blonde one, is the youngest. But he's a bit sure of himself and thought he'd have a go at being the boss anyway. Latest news is that he didn't win. They are friends now they've got that sorted out and enjoy a good adventure together - our backyard being such an exciting place and all! Just stay away from the Lobellia's or my mum will be very unhappy!


  1. Hello dear sister,

    I thought it a tragic injustice that noone had commented under the munchy pig fiasco (Beautifully written - it makes me giggle!)

    It is so exciting to hear your latest news.

    A lot of people ask to borrow my pen at work and it often escapes them to return it. Chaman gave me a little gift. An "Electric Shock" pen. When you press down the top to use it... ZAP! Needless to say, I fewer requests for my stationery. Evil, I know - But, Oh the humour.

    More soon

    Love you.


  2. Wow, this is the coolest thing I've ever heard of. I didn't know that guinea pigs were so tame and fun. Now I'm rethinking my hamsters are a billion times better than guinea pigs stance. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. We don't even have hamsters in Australia! thanks for coming to visit my blog too!


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