The Wisdom of Hindsight

Never ever believe someone when they use these words or a variation/combination of them:


Sure, God created the world in just six days(rest on the seventh!) - but it takes us nine months to grow one baby, 13 years to hit puberty, 60 years to reach old age (at least!). Hard work is a good thing. Long term is an admirable thing. Smart planning is a wise thing. Careful attention to finances is integral and keeping your priorites straight is crucial.

Praise the Lord that I am unscathed and ready for my next adventure with just a little bit more wisdom that comes from experience!


  1. My Lach!
    Well I thought I'd better write you a comment as soon as I go on the computer to let you know that I am reading it! It is a beautiful site, nearly as beautiful as my sister. You are wonderful Lach and I miss you so much! Can't wait to read more about your life so I can catch up on all that you do. Maybe you told me about your job but I didn't remember - good decision about the it though. You can really only be filled in body and soul with God - not all that nice smelling lotions that is highly overpriced! Love ya to bits,
    Your sis, Hannah (Bean)

  2. Hi Bean,
    Thanks for checking it out! Look forward to reading week?!! when do you finish uni?



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