Design Experiments

I am a bit pleased with myself about this! Lozza - will have to show you! xo


  1. I love this piece. Did you arrange it? We had a lovely chat with Joel the other day when he popped in. He's a good sort. That is to say, we like his a lot.

  2. He is a good sort isn't he?!! I like him alot too ;) I did design this. Had a happy time of it too. Look forward to dinner with you.

  3. Hello Beautiful Lach,

    Your blogspot is lovely and I look forward to reading your latest.
    The thing with us Richters is that we can sell Icey-poles to escimos but it doesn't mean we want them getting fat (if you know what I mean). Good decision about the job.
    Love you lots.

    Your sis


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