The Wild West

If you see me today and think I look a little like a cowboy you'd be forgiven. I'm not wearing a cowboy hat or chaps but I am walking like I've been riding a horse for the last 10 years... My Wild West was to the west end of Linear Park and my horse a borrowed (thank you! generous friends!xx) push bike. She did brilliantly as far as wheeled horses go - until about 1 hour in when she became lame and we had to go in search of a tire doctor to get her pumped for the journey home. We saw parts of Adelaide we never knew existed and felt like we were in some far away country amongst all the greenery that flows from the river. I have greater appreciation for my city's beauty and am reminded again how wonderful our Creator is. I also have a creater appreciation for my friends Tom and Chelsea who ride every where! You guys are amazing!!

What a beautiful day. What a wonderful date! - with my husband of course!

You see, Joel and I, in an endeavour to always stay connected romantically, spend every monday afternoon together on a 'date'. We do all sorts of things: visit the museum, walk and read in the botanical gardens, photo scavenger hunt, imagine our dream home in Ikea, go out for coffee, play scrabble and anything else we can think of.(Can you even believe that bike riding was my idea?!) Dating wasn't our idea - but we love it and it does wonders for our marriage I'm sure. Not to mention that it broadens both our interests.

Anyway - today I have a sore backside from bike riding. That's all I realy wanted to say!


  1. ahh yes i experience that sort of walking last tuesday...i rode to work in an effort to be more active! it was great on the way was a little unconfortable on the way home! glad to hear of your dates! you guys are swell!


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