heat and rain

I always complain when it's hot (I mean pretty much anything over 30degrees!)... It's hot. I hate it. I can't sleep. I feel yucky. I want to move to antarctica. Can we pleeeeaaasssseee turn the airconditioner up? I don't love it at all. Especially in South Australia where it is not just hot but dry as well. The air suck every ounce of moisture out of my body. I practically bathe in moituriser. I have a tub of body butter on my desk (remnant of a bygone era!) and a tube of Garnier Handcocoon(so divine!). Not to forget my Bonne Bell Moisture lip maintenance!! My goodness -I know I sound like a sales person - we have established clearly i am not! I just had to tell you what I, a very fussy, hate being dried up girl, loves and totally reccomends for the like-minded...

But I digress... I was complaining about the heat. The dryness. The desperation that sleepless nights bring. And then yesterday evening, oh bliss of my heart and soul, it rained. Not much. Certainly not enough to break the drought in the land, but enough to soothe my dry and weary heart. It was warm, it was muggy (well, almost) and it was beautiful. I went for a walk. I stood outside, I put shorts and a t shirt on so my skin could soak up every drop. It was glorious!

And today it has reverted to overcast and cool... well. I appreciated the moments of wonderful, almost tropical weather. aaahhhh....

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