House Tour

Well, here it is. Our house. Never, ever 'finished. I couldn't bear that! But so many big projects completed: new floors, new kitchen, new curtains in every room. Some rooms painted (working on the rest!). And most things done on our request by our amazingly generous church community. Last Sunday we held an open house for members to come and have a sticky beak at what their kind donations have gone towards and how much we love the house they provide for us. I made them some delicious afternoon tea and gave tours to show off. But before they arrived I quickly snapped some pictures to share . So here they are:

The entry way. That door on the left is the front. The photo is taken from the lounge room.

Turning around 180 degrees and backing up a step you look into the lounge room where you can see my gorgeous husband reading and the puppy in his usual spot. My desk is behind him. The framed pictures are illustrations my grandma did when she was studying graphic design in 1944!

Do you like my footstool? $4 a metre for the fabric, $3 for the piping rope, about the same for the zipper and 2 hours of sewing.

The sliding doors on the left head into the dining area.

The view from the other sliding doors.

...and backing up a few more steps... just to give you perspective...

Turning around now... this is the kitchen! You can see old pictures here and here.

Look at all that tasty afternoon tea on the bench! And on the far bench right on the far left you can see a big stack of teacups, glasses, water bottle and a kettle - they don't actually live there.

View from the door into the hallway (which I didn't take a picture of!)

Walking down the long hallway, past the bathroom, laundry and toilet on the right (no pictures there either) the first room on the left in the library. You've seen this room before but never like this (in fact, hunting through old posts, there was an incarnation of this room I don't seem to have shared. oh well!) :

Guest bedroom number one is on the right side of the hall. You saw that first here.

Guest bedroom, the one for kidlets, is on the right (next to the library and opposite the first guest room). Drawers and frames painted by me. Chair restored by Joel. Train made by my grandfather.

Nest to the kids guest room is our room - the last room on that side of the from side of the house before the garage.

I'm still undecided as to what art to put in here so in the mean time we are going plain. (that shadow in the bottom of the window? That's the motorbike!

And lastly, on the side of the house that gets sun all year, is the room that get the most of that sun and gorgeous light - my art room.

Paint chips courtesy of a certain bored day recently. Joel put my table up on paint tins for me which makes it the most awesome height for working. So much better than hunching over or sitting/standing/sitting every time I need something from my shelves.

Supply shelves and lovely odds and ends on top. This is one of those things that since moving things back in after the floor was polished I haven't had a chance to organise properly. I can still find most things so it will do for now.

There you have it folks. Our house. Not the most brilliant photos but if you want the proper house experience you'll just have to come and visit!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gosh what a great sized manse! thanks for sharing Rach, you've done a lovely job putting things together! x

  2. I love it!! What a huge difference from the times we've visited - especially the first time, when you'd only been there a couple of months. If I remember correctly, you didn't love it very much then! You've done an amazing job and have a lovely congregation to do their bit to help you acheive it! Must come and visit again!
    love Tamara

  3. Lovely!
    Your house is so tidy...come to my place and work your magic?

    I love the phrase "have a sticky beak"--I'd never heard that one before!

  4. I have been waiting for this! You have done such a fantastic job Rachel... wish all manse's looked that fabulous. Maybe the LCA can create some kind of position for you?!?! I pray that your home is so blessed. Love Bec


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